Famously Anonymous

Yet again, they failed
Failed to look through her eyes,
Down her injured soul
That bled under the soft moon.
Though it’s nothing new.
They’ve never looked into her
Since she was five.
That night, still alive in her memories
What was to be her utimate gift
Turned to be the major cause
Of her separation from them
And maybe from herself.
It’s been years now.
The world knows her entirely different.
She’s strong and sweet
And successful and smiling.
But no-one ever got so deep
Deeper than deep in her heart
Had they been they could’ve found
The unhappy soul
Craving for fulfilment.
Outside was the lovely lady
They fell in love with.
Who knew hiding in,
Deep within was that little child
Who yearned for love,
The real, way above her superficial beauty.
They controlled her in every
Way they could.
Unaware how her soul
Became more and more wounded
And untamable with time.
They said their parts and
Turned away when her lips had
Barely parted in defence.
Only the tear marks on her pillow
Under the shady light
Of her bedside lamp
Knew the real raw and
Raging girl.

~ Pranjal Gupta

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