Jo dikhta hai, wo bikta hai. (That which is seen, is sold)


“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” said the Evil Queen in Snow White long ago in the fake world. But if you wondered then, that how would the mirror know about everyone..the answer would probably have been – because it’s magical. From then to now, we’ve travelled a long way on the road to progress. We might not believe in Magic today, but the Mirror still exists. You don’t believe me? Ask Alexa.
Google defines a pantomath as a person who knows everything. Does it realise it itself is the closest thing to a pantomath? Google knows everything about us. Things we might not know ourselves. It is the Magic Mirror of today which can answer much more than what the Evil Queen would’ve thought. It is, in many ways, just like a mirror. It creates the reflection of not only our external appearance, but also the intricate details of our brain. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Google can interpret our minds to some extent. Psychic right? Definitely.
Not only does it create our digital lookalike… But also, like a giant mirror, it stands in the way of us and the world, the mirror sees everything, but the world does not. Google holds the secrets about one, which even one’s parents might not know. How does it do this? Well. It tracks you. Not just your location, YOU. Google watches over you like God himself, only, powered by an Internet connection. It tracks your location, collects all your search history (even the deleted ones), has access to all your emails, messages and calls, knows your calender, knows your YouTube watch history and much more. Google might not know YOU, but it does KNOW you better than even your own mother. Well, obviously, at some point in your life your mother would’ve called you and asked where are you, you’d have lied and she’d have believed. But, you cannot escape the eyes of Google, nor could you fool it. As scary as it sounds, Google does know us better than we think. However, it claims that this data is only used to show us specific ads, the amount of data it holds on you, might just be enough to convince your parents that they’ve never known their child completely. On the plus side, your most honest biography is already in the making.!

– Pranjal Gupta

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  1. Simranjeet Singh says:

    Our biography may be a hit in analytics company but the author of biography is still clueless😂😂😂


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