Is CANCER contagious?

We’ve come way too far in technology and medical science. But sometimes while moving forward, we often forget the simplest things while we solve the complexities of life. While they say that science is the key to unlock the human life, some doors are even beyond the realm of knowledge.
Throughout the world, the books claim that Cancer is not contagious. However, I am not sure if I agree with it completely. Cancer is not contagious at a cellular level, I wouldn’t deny the fact. The multitude of unwanted and uninvited cells inside of you will not pop out and enter anyone. But rather have another, yet more powerful action force to hit those around you. EMOTIONS.
Cancer is contagious.

It spreads. Through fears. It flows. Through tears. It’s suffering isn’t limited to a singular entity, but rather the complete band of humans who share emotions with that entity. It affects them, and they affect us.
It gives you a wound that never heals up. A wound that gets deeper and deeper with time until it kills your conscience or, if you be the sufferer,then, kill you.

The psychological effects amongst the patients is a common study, but that of those around them haven’t been taken into account yet. Look closely and you find the same tumor killing not just one person, but a lot many around them.
They lie to us and we believe it. Being near the patient won’t give you a cancer, they say. Lies. It sparks the unstoppable growth of thoughts in your head. Unwanted. Unwelcome. Unhealthy. Thoughts.
If it’s not cancer, what is it?