Love letter, to chai..

Love letter,
To chai,

When I tell you, I’ve loved
Trust me, it’s you.
And this love like mine,
Is only found by few.

For someone like you
Is rare to find.
And to love you means,
Leaving it all behind

You are not easy,
A temperament so hot
But only I know those depths,
That others do not.

A mix flavour of emotions,
Strong, sweet and spice,
Oh baby, little do you know,
You’re my paradise

For each time we make love
You fill in all spaces in me
Your sweet, sweet arms
Engulf me perfectly.

Falling in you,
Is a pure delight,
A fire to my soul,
In the cold night.

At times your love
Drives me insane
I am falling apart
But I dive in again.

You are my destiny
You are my end.
Sip by sip
And dip by dip
Our love will transcend.

Yours forever
Love, biscuit.

~ Pranjal Gupta

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Himanshi Bhatia says:

    Its something different


  2. Aditya Gupta says:

    Beautiful writing, Loved the characters. They are very relatable and feels totally real.


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